The electronic components manufacturing industry is a high-tech sector, home to companies that create parts crucial to the operation of various electronic devices.
We are capable to supply of PLC’s , Drives, HMI’s , Digital and Analog Sensors, Encoders, Encoder Connectors and Cables, Servo Drives , Electronics Components, IGBT’s ,Stroboscopes , Power Supplies , I/O Controllers, Servo Motors, Induction Motors, Stepper Motors, Relays , Laser Lights, Web Guide Sensors, Potentiometers & Jockey Switches, Control and Safety Switches, Digital Speed Displays, SSR’s , Energy Meters, Temperature Controllers and Sensors, PCB’s and Components, Camera Lamps, Cooling Fans , Electronics Cleaner, Beacon Lights and Hooters, Communication Cables for PLC’s and Drives, HRC fuses, Electrical PVC and Shielded Conduit, Hour Meters, Counters, SMPS , Fire Wire Repeaters, Earthing Clamps, Network Switches, ARCNET Cards, PCI cards, Infrared Sensor, Flood Lights, Contactors, Shielded Control Cables, Weighing Scales, MCB’s,ELCB’s, RCCB’s.