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Globally sourced products & components

Finding the right manufacturer to help your company grow and improve its profits is a challenging, time-consuming task, that can be filled with uncertainty and risk.

This is where HMKC Industry Co can help. We have the capabilities to find and supply a manufacture that will precisely fit your unique needs.

The HMKC Co.,Ltd deals with global order-related sourcing and trading of basic materials, consumer goods, capital goods, product components and electronics. Our clients rely on our experience and personnel resources, to be able to operate comprehensively and professionally. Through our international bases we find the right manufacturers and suppliers for our customers.

With many years of Sourcing, Trading & Logistics experience dealing with Chinese suppliers and a fully bilingual team, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

With HMKC Co.,Ltd you can be assured of full technical and commercial support throughout the project life span. All deliveries are arranged in line with your purchase orders or delivery schedules.

Our team of dynamic experts continuously strives to:

  • Develop our extensive product range

  • Provide a sustainable high-quality OE alternative

  • Offering globally competitive prices